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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stop influx of foreigners

THERE was a feeling of helplessness and despair when I read the recent article in The Star titled “Foreigners take over Klang alleys”.

I have a gnawing fear that our federal as well as state governments have lost their direction in controlling the fast growing influx of foreigners into our country. How are we going to even start to control our own destiny when we cannot limit the damage done because of unmitigated migration of foreigners into our country.

The Klang Municipal Council officials seem to be helpless as foreigners like the Myanmars, Nepalese and Indonesians take over whole alleys for their illicit businesses.

Now, parts of Klang have been named after the nations from which they come. I feel it’s time the federal and state governments stand up to face the problem squarely, and answer the following questions with a view to making some real decisions:

> Is it the Government’s policy to allow foreign workers only working visas which have specific conditions and duration?

> Has the Government ensured that those with expired visas have left the country? Who monitors the situation?

> Are foreigners allowed to conduct retail and other businesses in Malaysia, and if so, why, and are they given business licences?

> Are locals allowed to rent or lease their premises to foreigners who have no documentary evidence that they have been allowed to conduct business in Malaysia?

If foreigners are not allowed to do business here under any circumstances, why are they allowed to take over shops and alleys? These include premises at Petaling Street, the Selayang wholesale market and many others.

Why keep talking about being a high income nation, when in a few years’ time, the number of foreigners will equal the number of Malaysians?

We should be committed to protecting our shores and saving our diminishing resources like oil and potable water for our citizens.

If we look around the Asia Pacific region, including Australia, we see that their governments take hard and even unpopular steps to ward off blatant and unproductive migration.

Only by limiting foreign labour to the minimum can we move towards a high income nation status, not when we have some 10 million of them to support in five years’ time. Instead, we may soon join the ranks of those “failed nations” around the world.

Petaling Jaya.

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