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Friday, March 19, 2010

Unhealthy practice in schools

AS a parent of four children, I support the idea of incorporating sports into the school timetable as this will provide a more all-rounded education.

As it is, too much emphasis is placed on academic development that school has become a boring institution.

Subjects like Physical Educa­tion are usually neglected. Teachers find all sorts of excuses to cancel PE classes, like the weather is too hot for such activities. Sometimes it is even used as a punishment because the class is too noisy, etc. At times, the PE class is replaced with tuition class instead.

In fact, in my children’s school, all extracurricular activities for Year 6 students are cancelled and in its place, extra tuition classes are held to prepare the students for the UPSR exam. This is an unhealthy practice indeed.

I hope the Education Ministry will ensure that this 1Student, 1Sport policy will be implemented properly or else it will be another subject on the sideline.

Petaling Jaya.

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