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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bearing the brunt of other’s greed

I REFER to Bank Negara’s proposal to restructure the motor cover policy which has attracted a lot of attention lately. Many claim it is not equitable to all parties.

The proposal is a result of the industry pushing for a change in the motor insurance policy, which it claims is losing money.

But do you know why it is losing money? Simple — corruption.

When there is an accident and we go to the bengkel or authorised workshop to get our car assessed, a figure is drawn up for those who want to pay for the repairs themselves.

For those claiming insurance, they let the workshop do the necessary paperwork. Being typically Malaysians, we sign wherever necessary and leave the rest to the workshop owners.

But for those who take the initiative to inquire about the cost with the insurance company after the car has been repaired and delivered, the revealation can be somewhat shocking. The figure is different from that quoted during the assessment.

For example, when I assessed the damages with a workshop after an accident, the figure was RM4000 with original parts put in. However, when the workshop made its claim with the insurance company, the claim was RM12,000!

There are unscrupulous individuals working hand-in-hand to make exorbitant claims with the insurance company.

This is no secret to many vehicle owners.

Now, let’s do some maths.

An average 100 major accidents occur in Malaysia daily. If every claim is inflated by the thousands, the motor insurance industry is going to face an enormous amount of losses. This figure can run into millions a month.

Bank Negara does not need to have meetings, discussions and an analysis to find out what happened.

The simple solution is to sort out the corruption in the industry.

The insurance industry needs to clean up its act, not burden the rakyat. Stop the false claims in your industry before crying to Bank Negara that you are losing money.

Blaming the innocent rakyat with heavier premiums is not the answer, but an easy way out of your problems.


Kuala Lumpur.

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