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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Beauty of country marred by litter problem

I AM a visitor to your country from Everett, Washington, USA. My wife is in Alor Setar on a working assignment for a prominent US company.

We are enjoying Malaysia and all its beautiful places. It is truly a wonderful country with so much to offer. The people we’ve met are happy, helpful and fun. Most have big smiles and are happy to help if you have a question.

The first weekend I was here visiting my wife, we travelled to Langkawi and spent two nights at a great resort and the second weekend, we visited George Town.

There was quite a difference between the two places.

A few days ago, I read an article in The Star. It was a very good article about people in Penang getting together to pick up garbage and litter at the seafront. They collected several tonnes of rubbish as I remember. What a great thing to read about!

As we walked around George Town, it was very clean and I was so happy to see that, after being in both Alor Setar and Langkawi.

I simply cannot understand why a country that is as beautiful as Malaysia is so littered with garbage. It takes so much away from the beauty of this great country.

We had a litter problem in the US many years ago, and the government started a campaign to stop littering. It involved advertising, fines etc, and it’s so much better now.

South Korea had a similar problem years ago, and their leader at the time asked everyone in the country to go outside once a week for one hour and clean up on that special day at a special time. It worked very well.

I honestly think that tourism in this beautiful country could be dramatically improved if cleaning up became a national priority.

It would just take someone with authority and a great love for this country to step up and make it happen.

Alor Setar.

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