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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Begging has become a lucrative occupation

THANK you for running the story about beggars on the run in Klang. (The Star, April 6). Begging is a lucrative occupation, thanks to the generosity of kind-hearted Malaysians.

I have observed beggars counting their collection from afar and I will dare say this occupation pays much better than sweltering out at the construction site or doing some other manual work.

And Malaysians are a generous lot; they will go out of their way to drop some coins or a note into the begging bowl. One cannot restrain them from giving.

While I may have some sympathy for the poor, disabled or maimed person who is begging for a living, I am irked at seeing able-bodied persons and children thrusting out their begging bowls in public places.

What is even more infuriating is to see able-bodied foreigners begging. They are bold enough to dress appropriately to attract religious-minded Malaysians and will even invade the privacy of your lunch or dinner times at public places to make their collection.

Some even ring bells to attract your attention. And Malaysians give and give generously at that. So the beggars are encouraged to continue begging.

Begging should be eradicated in this country. Granted, it is more easily said than done but the pressure has to be kept up through effective enforcement.

Something drastic has to done especially to deal with those foreigners who beg, however dignified they may have raised begging to be as an act of charity.

How did they ever get into this country in the first place? How come they are able to move around with such impunity?

Do they not fear that they will be spotted? Perhaps they are well informed about how ineffective our enforcement really is. This has to stop.

I call upon the authorities to do their job in cleaning up our towns and cities of this menace and help retain the image of the country as a good tourist destination.

Kuala Lumpur.

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