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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cabbies have a hard time making a living

I’M curious to know why the Commercial Vehicles Licensing Board (CVLB) and consumers are targeting cab drivers?

I’ve been using taxis almost daily and I find that even without using the meter, the drivers still have a hard time making a living.

I’ve made friends with most drivers and got to know them. Some 90% of them owe money to loan sharks simply because the upkeep of a taxi is very expensive or they are renting the taxi.

Why do cabbies borrow from loan sharks? It is because their earnings are very little and the meter rate is too low.

At the end of the day, all they bring home is just RM50 to RM60, making it RM1500 to RM1800 a month, working at least 12 hours a day and six days a week after deducting expenses on fuel, car rental and maintenance.

I think the CVLB should be scrapped and “Kementerian Pembangunan Usahawan” brought back because CVLB is not functioning well.

CVLB keeps going after taxis not using the meter but lets off overloaded lorries.

To the consumers, would you want to work 72 to 80 hours a week for RM1500 to RM1800 without EPF and insurance coverage?

Stop complaining and if you don’t want to pay, queue up at bus stops.

Stop complaining because this world is more than just about taxis not using the meter.



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