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Monday, April 5, 2010

Certain lecturers are horrible

I REFER to “Quit if you don’t love to teach” (The Star, April 1). Many previous letters and articles referred to the unacceptable attitude of school teachers, but in my case, the same goes for lecturers as well.

I was an excellent student in Form 6 and I got an offer to study in one of Malaysia’s best public universities. I have to say that it was a bad experience. I did not get along well with a lecturer, who in fact was known for her anger, unreasonableness and discriminatory behaviour.

At first I thought my seniors were just being melodramatic about her, but while being taught by her, I felt that she really did not qualify as a lecturer at all.

She read from notes and told us some stories and some dirty jokes. Then at the end of the semester, before our finals, we asked her questions regarding her subject and got scolded for not jotting down her “so-called” informative stories.

We could not even ask questions during tutorials, as she expected us to know everything, or maybe she feared that she could not answer the questions. Anything we said, that to her was wrong (although stated otherwise in the textbook) could cause her to get angry and sometimes throw books.

I was really afraid of her. I quit that course, partly because I wanted to avoid her. My message here to all teachers and lecturers is that we students have a right to fair and comfortable education.

Please do not treat us so badly to the extent that we want to have nothing to do with you. Please be responsible and teach us professionally, allow us to ask questions, answer our questions willingly, and most importantly, respect us as students.


Kuala Lumpur.

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