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Friday, April 30, 2010

Commuters would prefer trains that are punctual

WHILE one applauds the initiative by KTMB to allocate certain sections of its trains for women for safety reasons, one would also appreciate if the powers that be can do something about the poor service that commuters have to endure daily.

Shoving and pushing among passengers to get in and out of the trains at the stations are normal during the morning and evening rush hours, while most trains either arrive late or not at all due to technical problems.

Commuters have heard from our Transport Minister as well as KTMB chief that more trains will be bought from overseas to improve services, but so far the service is still far from satisfactory.

Old and broken trains that have seen better days are still being used as the new coaches have still to arrive.

Long suffering commuters regardless of gender would prefer that the trains arrive and depart on time to avoid congestion on board the trains than have a cosmetic change like a women-only coach.

Kuala Lumpur

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