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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Concerned for children soliciting donations

I WAS having my afternoon nap at home when I heard voices at the gate.

I went to the door and saw a boy and a girl standing there. I later got to know that they were brother and sister.

The boy was waving a blue card at me, suggesting a donation. I went up and found out that they stayed in the same neighbourhood.

They were not in school uniform and came on their own.

Our neighbourhood is not exactly a safe one. I have observed my neighbours’ dogs chasing after children, and very often there are children speeding on motorcycles without the protection of helmets. Some also race amongst themselves on their bicycles while vans and buses try to squeeze through cars parked on the road shoulder.

All these thoughts ran through my mind as I quickly paid them and told them to return home as soon as possible. I was also worried about them being kidnapped, and I told them to walk together.

What I would like to know is, who will bear the responsibility if these children came to any harm, the parents or the school? And who will get the credit for filling up the donation cards? The teachers or the headmaster?

On behalf of parents, I feel strongly that the Education Ministry should step in to strictly monitor such activities.


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