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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Consultants and senior specialists not promoted

THE recent announcement by the Prime Minister and Health Minister with regards to the promotion of health professionals has been long overdue and most welcome.

Circulars are being sent out to various hospitals in the country and many junior specialists with one to two years of post-graduation experience have been included in the promotion exercise while many senior consultants and specialists have been neglected.

This has caused unrest among consultants and senior specialists who have been stuck at UD54 and UD52 levels.

I am one of the consultants who has been serving in one of the busiest hospitals in Selangor for the last seven years. What amazes me is that the medical officers I trained many years ago have now become specialists who will be elevated to UD54 while I am still at UD52 level. This seems to be affecting many others in various state hospitals.

This is a major demotivating factor to the consultants and senior specialists who have slogged for many years hoping that the good work done will be appreciated and rewarded. Alas, it has turned out otherwise.

Ironically, the junior specialists’ names have also been included in the PTK6 course, which is a pre-requisite for promotion to JUSA level. it appears that the future for consultants and senior specialists in the Health Ministry is gloomy.

I hope some serious action will be taken to redeem their dignity. Otherwise, there may be an exodus of talent to private practice, resulting in public hospitals being run by immature and inexperienced personnel.

Shah Alam.

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