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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Define objectives of sex education

THERE is no need to create another subject on sexual activities or misconduct as sex education can be incorporated into religious or science classes. More importantly, the objectives of sex education in secondary schools need to be well defined.

Firstly, it is to educate students and youngsters that sexual activities can lead to pregnancy even if it is done only once.

What students learn in Agama or Moral classes should be reflected in their science classes so that they can relate what they are being taught in school to everyday practices and their lifestyle.

They must be made aware that sex before marriage is prohibited in many religions because women and children are protected in the institution of marriage.

Secondly, it is to show that the influences of external factors can lead to sexual activities.

Students should be shown that the inability to make good judgements as a result of drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking and taking drugs can cause consented sex, rape and unwanted pregnancies.

In chemistry or biology classes, students should be taught about the chemical reaction in their bodies that influence them to make bad decisions.

Thirdly, to show that the penalties meted out on sexual offenders and abusers of children are to act as a deterrent to prevent further tragedy.

In Islam, the punishment for zina (sexual acts outside marriage) is not barbaric but to create fear so that believers avoid pre-marital sex.

Finally, to follow and practise the principles as spelt out in many religions.

In Islam, there are guidelines why boys and girls need to be separated as they grow older – from separate blankets, beds, bedrooms and schools. I think it is in the best interest of the students that we should look into separate girls and boys secondary schools.

Obviously, the western concept of co-education and the freedom of modern lifestyles have contributed to the moral decay in some of our children.


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