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Monday, April 26, 2010

Di UK, Menteri pun kena saman trafik..

Children's Secretary Ed Balls has been given a £60 fine for driving while using a mobile phone, it has emerged.

Mr Balls, married to fellow minister Yvette Cooper, told the Daily Mirror the incident happened last Sunday as they drove from Yorkshire to London.

He took the phone off its hands-free cradle because he did not want to wake his children, he said - and was spotted by police "almost immediately".

He said he supported the law "100%" as it was protecting people's safety.

"Although our car has hands-free, I took my phone off the cradle because I did not want to wake the kids," he told the paper.

"We got waved down by a police car almost immediately and I accepted the fine and three points there and then.

"I 100% support the law on mobile phones - it's there to protect the safety of all drivers, passengers and pedestrians."

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