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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Do we need to leave MyKad with the guards?

DO I have the right to refuse to leave my identification card at guard houses?

As we all know, with the introduction of MyKad in 2001, the identity card now is not only for identification purposes, it also comes with many other features.

For example, it is used for E-Cash, Touch ’n Go and also as a debit card.

With gated communities springing up all over the country, I would like to know where I stand. Each time I visit a friend who stays in one of these gated communities, I am forced to leave my MyKad at the guard house. If I refuse, I would be refused entry.

Legally, I know I don’t have to surrender my MyKad at the guard house but who am I to argue when the guard says he is only doing his job.

I also know that with just a photocopy of the MyKad a person can register a mobile phone line or even apply for a credit card. I hope the authorities can shed some light on this.


Port Dickson.

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