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Friday, April 23, 2010

Don’t carry out road works during peak hours

On Tuesday evening, I was caught in a massive traffic jam on the Pasir Gudang highway. A short stretch of 5km took me nearly 40 minutes to clear. This happened at about 6pm, the peak hour for vehicles heading from Pasir Gudang towards Johor Baru and the North South Expressway.

The jam was caused by several workers repairing potholes on the highway. They had blocked off half the road to carry out their task, leaving only a single lane for motorists.

It is great that the authorities are so conscientious to make sure potholes are quickly covered up. But it is sheer stupidity to carry out the work during peak hours.

It is not uncommon to see road repairs being carried out during peak traffic hours without any consideration to the inconvenience caused to motorists.

While I do not expect our road repairers to aspire to the level of the Japanese who would have a man bowing in apology to motorists inconvenienced, the least they can do is to learn from others in doing the repairs only late at night when traffic is light.


Johor Baru.

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