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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A good nurse is not made in the classroom

I REFER to the report “No more nursing schools from July” (The Star, April 27).

This is the best news I have read ahead of Nurses Day on May 12. I have been advocating that both the Health and Higher Education Ministries should curb the mushrooming of private nursing colleges and at last my lone voice has been heard.

The most critical part of nursing education is nursing practice in the clinical areas. This is the component which most, if not all, nursing colleges lack.

A good nurse cannot be produced in the classroom because she needs to feel and smell and touch her patients and this experience will serve her all her life.

The other component missing is experienced and dedicated clinical instructors to guide students in a hospital setting.

I am not wrong in saying that there are nurses who are lacking in these criteria being recruited to fulfil the requirements of the Health Ministry.

I am asking both the Health and Higher Education Ministries to carry out more surprise checks on existing colleges to ascertain the number of students they really have. It is not fair to paying students who do not get what they go in for and when they graduate, they are not marketable.



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