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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hardworking teachers are the ones suffering

I HAVE been following comments in The Star pertaining to the workload of teachers. I was a teacher before and I sympathise with a handful of them. It is often said you need only a few to spoil the whole lot but this is not true in some cases.

The students can tell you that out of 70 teachers in school, only about 20 “boleh pakai” and that is the main reason why parents have to send their children to tuition classes. If you give teachers lots of paper work, the lazy ones will use their teaching periods to do their work, or worse, ask the students to do it. It is the hardworking teachers who are overloaded with work.

There is an incident where a parent asked her daughter why her school bag was so heavy. The child kept quiet, so the curious parent took a peep and saw exercise books that the teacher had asked the girl to bring home to mark for her against the sample answers.

I hope the NUTP and Education Department will conduct spot checks in schools to see for themselves what is going on there.



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