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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A judgment that doesn’t do justice to a poor couple

I REFER to the report “Parents fined RM10,000 for leaving girl home alone” (The Star, April 24) and wonder how the judge thought it fit to impose the fine on two people who had given all indications that they had little or no money.

Punishment must be fair, and if there are two types of punishment imposed for the same offence, then the guilty party should be free to choose between the two. In this case, however, the man and the woman did not appear to have enough money to pay the hefty fine, and so they would most probably end up in jail.

Indeed, if they left the two-year old child alone for 17 hours to look for a job it means that they were unemployed and so had no income. Are unemployed people expected to have savings and afford to pay for a baby-sitter instead of leaving the child alone?

In jail the victims will suffer much more than the hurt they have caused by leaving the child alone for just over half a day, especially considering that the child was not harmed.

A government that has been in power for more than 50 years should have learned better ways to make an income than from the misery of others. The Government should take a cue from what is happening in Thailand and provide people with jobs.



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