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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

More qualified TESL teachers needed

I WOULD like to comment on the recent announcement by the Education Minister on the new seven periods of English lessons in schools starting next year.

While I welcome the increase in the hours in teaching English, I have reservations about its outcome.

It is a known fact that many rural districts still don’t have enough trained TESL teachers.

To overcome the shortage, many schools make use of non-optionists to fill the gap. Some do a fairly decent job while others have no business teaching the subject due to their poor command of English.

Non-optionist English teachers, being mostly untrained, cannot

be considered an asset to their

students. Language teaching requires certain pre-requisites

such as teaching methodology, knowledge of communicative

competencies and proficiency.

This should not be allowed to continue. Why are there still non-optionists masquerading as English language teachers? The ministry should either insist on assessing them and sending them for proper training or recruiting more students for teacher training colleges.



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