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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Not good idea to extend retirement age

WITH reference to the letter “Good for all if civil servants retire at 60” (The Star, April 6), I strongly disagree with the writer as we do not need so many civil servants during these days of high technology. It is a mere waste of government funds.

Normally, we find civil servants above 50 less motivated, less energetic and slow in adapting to the high technology era.

It is better for the Government to employ the young as they are more eager to learn and easily adapt to new technology, especially in critical services.

The Government should also remember that there are thousands of unemployed graduates who will be deprived of jobs if it is to extend the retirement age to 60.

I think the extension of the retirement age of civil servants to 58 is already a big blunder as it creates a major social problem in unemployed graduates.

The talents and ability of these unemployed graduates are not fully used although the Government spends a lot of our money on tertiary education.

As a parent, I have received complaints that senior teachers who are above 50 are less motivated and less active in sports and co-curricular activities.

These so-called senior teachers always push the burden to the young teachers, giving the lame excuse of being too old and tired.

Our policy of encouraging students to be active in sports and co-curricular activities will face major problems in implementation if we do not recruit young and energetic teachers.


Kota Baru.

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