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Monday, April 12, 2010

Our Views

> Bogged down

Relieve teachers of massive paperwork! Think about d impact on d school children and their future. Its common sense yet no action taken by government! – Common Sensor

> Buck up, Penang

Penang for 2010, we need modern infrastructure to multiply activities. Issue bonds for privately run light rails, mono rails, more taxis. – Acko & Ocw

Most taxi drivers in Penang are a disgrace. Not only do they rip off tourists. They r also rude n loud mouth (cakap banyak).

> No to plastic bags

Let’s make carrying recycled bags a law. Dis way we can help mother earth.

> Redang debate

Tgganu govt dont want local tourist, then locals should not go! Y the fuss? There r a lot of nice islands around Asia. N d room rate is economical unlike Redang! – choices

There are many islands in Malaysia lah. Why the fuss in converting Pulau Redang to 5-star?

Redang high-end island? Msia is d only country whch advertises its discrimination. Now social class discrimination.

> Long, winding road

Roads in Klang r very disappointing. The bridge is taking ages n the roads around it is a minefield. The government paying 4 our maintenance? We pay roadtax too, brother.

> Late train

KTMB Pelabuhan Klang-Sentul train late again. How 2 get ppl 2 take public transport if train always late, crowded n hot n stuffy tho got air-cond.

> Anti-obesity

Limit all 24-hour mamak stalls. They r d source of high obesity among Msians & unhealthy diets which leads to diseases. No supply, no demand. – Lee Hui Seng

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