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Friday, April 30, 2010

Sentence on couple too harsh

WHEN we read about abusive baby sitters and relatives, it is not that difficult to understand why the parents of the “home alone” girl chose to leave her at home while they went job-hunting in Singapore (“Parents fined RM10,000 for leaving girl home alone’’ – The Star, April 24).

When they left Sarawak for a brighter future, they would never have dreamt that their decision to leave their two-year-old daughter would leave them languishing in prison. Their ignorance has caused them dearly.

Should they be fined RM5,000 each when they are already in need of a job and money? If money wasn’t tight, wouldn’t they have sent their daughter to a baby sitter?

Now that they have to serve two years’ jail, who would want to employ them in the future? Thanks to the law (which is supposed to protect its citizens), this young family unit has been completely and brutally destroyed.

Has this helped the poor girl? She has been left alone for 17 hours by her parents. Now, ironically, the law is extending the separation time.

During her important, formative years, she is now officially an “orphan”, deprived of the love of her father and mother, who are now branded “bad people”, and thrust into the hands of “family members”, nonetheless, still strangers and open to more abuse.

Her parents, who provided a little kitten to accompany her in their absence, do not sound like cruel parents to me, just inexperienced, desperate young parents left without much choice. They did not steal, or become drug mules. They chose honest means, and in the end, what happened?

Shouldn’t they qualify as a hardcore poor family which the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry is trying to reach out to?

The little girl could have been placed temporarily at a welfare home and her parents given a stern warning as well as offered help to get jobs or venture into small-scale businesses back in Sarawak.

The little girl is already traumatised enough from being left home alone. At least then she had a home and a kitten. Now, she has nothing.

And here we are about to celebrate Mother’s Day in May. Please give her back her parents!

Whatever happened to creating a caring society?

Could the people in power please help these poor folk?

Kuala Lumpur

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