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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Shameful episode at the causeway

JUST this Monday morning, I received my guests who had come in from China through Singapore via the second causeway from Tuas.

The group consisted of two important guests with valid Malaysian visas and their Singaporean counterpart who drove in for the F1 plus some meetings with my side the next day.

Upon reaching our Malaysian immigration, one of them was stopped and told he could not come in because his E-ticket on his phone email was not acceptable.

While this is perfectly acceptable in modern China, it seems this is not acceptable for the Malaysian immigration, even though the person had a valid F1 ticket, a perfectly valid visa from the Malaysian embassy and the F1 was starting in a few hours that afternoon and not withstanding the fact that this person was planning to return to Singapore in the next few days.

This was not the first time I have heard of this from my Singaporean friends and other nationalities who come in via the Singapore causeway link.

Many people are turned off completely from Malaysia due to such experiences.

Here our government is trying to push for more tourist arrivals and the immigration officers are finding ways to make life difficult for bona fide travellers.

It is time the Government did a full revamp of the system to ensure that no such incidents occur again.

My Chinese visitors said they will not come again for F1 although they have already made plans to attend the Singapore F1 later this year!


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