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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

She can’t sit for exam — she’s just too good

I HAVE a 14-year-old daughter who is in Form 3. After sitting for her qualifying examinations, she was enrolled in Standard 1 in 2002. She sat for her UPSR in 2007 and obtained straight As. She is currently preparing for her PMR which will be held in October — about six months’ time.

Two days ago, I was informed by her school that the Examination Board had refused to let her sit for it this year, the reason being that she was not even 15 years old.

I do not see the logic behind this as she was allowed to start school in 2002 and to sit for her UPSR when she was in Standard 6.

If the Education Ministry believes that Malaysian children are not good enough to sit for the PMR at 14 years old, they should not have allowed my daughter to start school at the age of six and sit for her UPSR at 11 years old.

Why must the ministry take this action after my child has completed more than eight years of education and is in the middle of the examination year?

How do I explain to my daughter that she is not allowed to sit for the PMR because she is underaged? How do I explain to her that she cannot sit for an examination that she knows she is ready for and that she has to repeat her Form 3 next year despite the fact that she is one of the top students in the school?

How do I ease her disappointment as she has been preparing very hard for her PMR?

I strongly believe that holding back my daughter’s progress is a wrong decision as this will effectively force her out of the Malaysian education system.

I will have to enrol her in an International school or send her overseas. Do you think a 14-year-old child who is forced to leave her parents to further her education overseas will feel any sense of patriotism towards the country when she grows up? Where exactly is the direction in which our country is heading to? Is this called progress?


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