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Friday, April 16, 2010


Do more for sports

Thousands of local fans tend to support English soccer clubs rather than our Malaysian team. They are victims of shrewd advertising campaigns. - Lee Hui Seng

To whip up max support for our shuttlers to welcome home Thomas Cup after a hiatus of 18 years, we must have promos to get public all excited!

> By-election is good

It’s good 2 have by-election coz many goodies offered to schools, villages n unnoticed core poor. - Kevin

> Costly skin

Malaysian Armed Forces spending RM27.5mil for female staff leather shoes. It is a lot of taxpayers money. - Subra

> Guard the guards

The MBPJ mayor must have rule that only Malaysian guards are used in housing estates. No illegals and foreigners with UN refugee pass.

> In need of parking

MBPJ, too many motor workshops & mobile traders are taking up car park spaces @ Damansara Uptown.

> Corporate aid

Corporate firms can devise colourful shopping bags to be given away to promote their branding while at the same time have a heart for the environment.

> Apes need help

African ape is being poached at unsustainable rate, we should help protect these animals by having campaign n watching more programmes about them.

> Extend school hours

School hours should be from 8 to 3, then mothers will depend less on maids and kids will not be loitering after school. - Maid-free mother

> Buck up teachers

To teacher, u teach half-hearted in class, then ask pupils 2 come 4 ur tuisyen. Yet u stil complain about ur workload. Juz quit!

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