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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Why does unpolished rice cost more?

I HAVE been eating unpolished rice after reading about its goodness. It could help me maintain my health and steer clear of diabetes as our body takes longer to convert unpolished rice into sugar than polished rice (starch).

Unpolished rice is nutritious as it has lots of fibre and vitamin B.

But I find that the cost of unpolished rice which is almost double that of polished white rice is unreasonable.

The cost of polished rice is about RM25.50 for a 10kg packet but the cost of unpolished rice is RM20 for a 5kg packet. Why is it so?

I hope consumer associations can help bring down the cost of unpolished rice and encourage more Malaysians to switch to this healthy rice.

If some company is trying to make a huge profit from people trying to maintain their health, then the authorities should issue more licences to companies which are willing to market this wholesome rice at a reasonable price.

Kuala Lumpur.

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