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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Why should deterrent laws be people-friendly?

I STILL have not got over the shock at the reason our lawmakers gave for withdrawing the Road Transport (Amendment) Bill. The Bill was withdrawn on the premise that it was too harsh and “not people friendly”.

That’s got to be the mother of lame excuses. Is the daily carnage on our roads “people friendly”?

A law that is supposed to act as a deterrent and discourage people from committing crimes or acts of violence (that’s what the fatalities on the roads amount to) must never be people friendly. Nobody need fear the law if he has no intention of breaking it.

Let’s not confuse ourselves. What needs to be people friendly are services and facilities provided to taxpayers and the paying public like public toilets, public transport, telecommunications, healthcare and financial/banking facilities and the like. It is in such areas that unnecessary charges should not be imposed.

But stiff fines and higher age limits for driver’s licences are but only one side of the coin. Strict enforcement is needed for laws and policies to be effective. We do have a demerit system in place, but it is not strictly adhered to.



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