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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Applying for a Canadian visa is such a hassle

I AM not sure how many people know this, but we are one gracious country. When Canadians come to our country, they have no problem in obtaining a visa upon arrival, but it is the opposite for us.

To obtain a Canadian visa, we have to fill up tedious forms. After filling them, we have to declare our bank account and all relevant documents. I am fine with all these formalities, but we still have to reveal bank account details of the other party who we are going to visit in Canada. Isn’t this ridiculous?

If someone is going to visit me, I don’t want them to know my financial status or my bank balance. It is not relevant to their visit.

A friend of mine tried to visit his sick cousin in Canada using his Malaysian passport last month. But he couldn’t pass through such a strict requirement. A few days later, his cousin passed away and he flew out from Malaysia, and being a Swiss PR, he managed to fly to Canada without any hassle.

What is the value of our passport? Why are we treated so badly?



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