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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bank's collection agency as bad as the Ah Long

I WONDER if banks are collaborating with the Ah Long on the pretense of outsourcing debt collection. The banks are, of course, quick in distancing themselves from the outsourced debt collection company whenever one complains to them about the high-handed manner used by the agents to harass loan defaulters.

Recently, a relative of mine defaulted in his personal loan payment of RM14,000.

Three days before the Chinese New Year, a man called this relative about 4pm, demanding that RM7,000 be deposited into the bank before 10pm the very day and if he is late, the bank will auction off his house.

We managed to help this relative get the RM7,000 and deposited the amount at 10.07pm. The next morning, the same man called to say that due to a delay of seven minutes, he should have another RM2,500.

My relative ignored his call but this man called my relative's office asking for his boss. Fortunately, the person who picked up the call did not transfer the call through, otherwise, he could have lost his job.

The man then constantly sent SMSes and called my relative asking him to go home and wait in the house as it will be auctioned off.

Bank Negara must review all the debt collection companies which are being used by banks. It must also ensure that all the guidelines are met. Currently, these debt collection companies seem to be operated by legalised Ah Long. The banks have certainly lost their sense of professionalism.

Kuala Lumpur.

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  1. sekrang ia berlaku kepada saya! lawyer@colection company telah mengarahkan untuk mendapatkan waran mahkamah geledah & lelong barabg dalam rumah sekiranay saya gagal menjelaskan tunggankan hutang sekurang2nya 30% dari jumlah huttang rm24000
    semua maklum kegawatan ekonomi 1998 & 2008, dan saya masih tak boleh recover sampai sekarang!

    mana nak dapatkan jumlah sebanyak itu... bank senang je sebab mereka punya lawyer tapi kita penguna sapa yang nak tolong bela!!!!????????


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