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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hire right people for success

I REFER to “Twin Towers plan to lure tourist ringgit” (The Star, May 9).

I view it as positive with regard to the Tourism Ministry's plan to turn the Twin Towers into a more profitable tourism product.

The plan is long overdue and should thus be welcomed by the operators of the building as well as all the tenants.

When comparing the Kuala Lumpur landmark to the Burj Khalifa, the ministry should consider carefully what made the latter a commercial success.

First of all, business success is determined by employing the right people.

Employees are the backbone of any company and a company can only be as successful as its employees will allow it to be.

The ministry should advertise all positions in the media and employ the best people for the job without considerations for quotas of any kind.

A career in the hospitality industry is most suited to the young because they are beautiful and energetic.

Anyone who deals with the public must give the country a good image, therefore, people put in charge of guiding tourists around the Twin Towers should be attractive, well-groomed, enthusiastic and knowledgeable.

There is no place there for those with acne and other skin infections, or for those who are overweight, or those unwilling to spend time taking care of their appearance.

It is also essential that employees of the tourism sector speak at least two languages – English and Bahasa Malaysia – clearly and fluently.

English is used with international tourists while Bahasa Malaysia serves all Malaysians who can make the Twin Towers a much liked holiday and shopping destination.

The authorities should not treat local tourists differently from foreign ones, for both are needed and both bring in good income if treated adequately.

Finally, the ministry must provide the right salary.

If a person can do the job, he or she should be paid proportionally and without making paper qualifications a determining factor.

The salary of an employee must cover all his living expenses and also leave him enough money for education, entertainment and savings.

Puny salaries can never bring in the right employees.

Altogether, I think it is time that parochial interests be left aside in favour of a more balanced and equitable approach if business of any kind is to be successful.



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