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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How can docs refuse to treat a dying baby?

I REFER to “Seven-month-old baby dies after being left with babysitter,” (The Star, May 17).

It was stated that: “The father rushed his son to several nearby clinics but they refused to treat Mohd Rayyan, citing his condition as serious and he had to be taken to the hospital.”

What disturbs me most after reading this report is that doctors are refusing to treat a dying baby. Why do they refuse to treat someone critically in need of medical attention?

Aren't they supposed to serve those who need help?

I have been travelling around the world and I do not see such difficulties in times of need.

I asked my sister who is attached to a government hospital why doctors in clinics are reluctant to help in such cases. She replied that it was simply because the amount of paper work involved after the incident will be tremendous. Isn't this just plain laziness?

I really do wish the Government can take some action against these “irresponsible” doctors.

In my opinion, doctors who refused to treat this dying child could have caused his death.

If those doctors attended to the child while waiting to get help from the hospital, the child could have been saved.

I understand that the baby was abused by the babysitter which could have caused the death of the child but please do not ignore the seriousness of doctors refusing to treat this child when he needed urgent treatment.



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