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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Invite VVIPs to lead gotong-royong

I fully agree that teachers have a lot of work to do and in conjunction with Teachers Day, they should be given special treatment instead of being asked to clean up their own working and makan places.

Now, the fingers are pointing to students as someone says students can replace their busy teachers to do the cleaning and clearing of all the dust and dirt in the teachers' room.

Asking students to do the janitor's work? Don't we care about them feeling inferior? What about child abuse? Will parents complain that their kids are being abused? At ages between seven and 12, are they allowed to do adult work such as cleaning?

Well, since we can't get teachers or students to do the work, can we invite some VVIPs to lead? Leadership by example. We will certainly see everyone stooping to pick up rubbish, clean the drains, wipe the windows and of course take some photos with the VVIPs and hopefully their faces will appear in the newspapers or the TV. That's a moment of pride - no more feelings of inferiority!


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