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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Main banyak sangat pun boleh membawa perceraian

KUCHING: Too much sex may not be good for a marriage, even for newlyweds.

A woman lodged a police report on Monday against her husband, aged 31, for alleged rape after hardly 16 days of what should have been wedded bliss.

The 21-year-old wife from Kampung Tabuan Hilir here wanted a divorce and therefore had to lodge the report as advised by the Syariah Court.

She claimed her husband, who works as a cook, had demanded countless sex sessions during the first week of their marriage.

When she could no longer meet his voracious sexual appetite, he ignored her pleas and forced himself on her on numerous occasions.

It is learned that this is the man’s second marriage. His first marriage had ended in divorce. - star

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