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Thursday, May 20, 2010

More to education than just academia

WHAT a disappointment to read that our Deputy Prime Minister is planning to reward educators with cash incentives for boosting the academic performance of their schools, “Muhyiddin announces performance incentives for teachers,” (Sunday Star, May 16).

It is common knowledge that not all students are academically bright. Granted that some students need prodding and encouragement and this is where the teachers, head teachers and principals will play a pivotal role in their academic success.

However, not all schools are blessed with an enrolment of academically-inclined students. Besides, why is it so very important to be academically-inclined? Again, it is common knowledge that one can be a success in life without having a string of academic degrees after one's name.

Is academia all there is to education in Malaysia?

What has happened to our education philosophy where teachers have to see to the all-rounded development of the individual?



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