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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Blowing a fuse over high power bills

Many consumers are upset over the outrageous increases in their electricity bills. The increase is incomprehensible. Just take the simple example of my mother’s case.

She is an elderly woman living with a maid. For the past three years, her bill has been between RM50 and RM60 per month.

However, for the last three months, her bill has risen to about RM110.

I’ve been to the TNB office. What they do is press the keyboard and tell you they take the average. I find it illogical as they claim it is an estimate. I also find out that they have the final say.

I just paid up. However, there is this feeling that something is wrong with the billing system. I read in The Star that there have been similar complaints from Perak. Will the authority concerned look into this problem?



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