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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Health Ministry’s claims and reality just don’t match up

I FIND it puzzling that the Health Minister says there are few takers for the free H1N1 vaccinations at government hospitals or clinics. He says many people are scared of the side-effects.

I am from Malacca and last week I called the government clinic in Cheng. The staff told me they had no stock of the vaccine and advised me to contact the clinic in Peringgit.

There, I was told there were more than 200 people waiting for the jab. I could register and wait for my turn. They also could not say when the vaccine would be available.

When I asked why there were so many people waiting to get the jabs yet the ministry kept saying there were no takers, she said she had no idea but the clinic was having a hard time coping with the demand.

I was also made to understand that the vaccines are given only on Thursdays and Fridays. If the ministry is so concerned about the H1N1 flu and if it is true that there is still vaccine available, why can’t the clinic give the jab on a daily basis?

My conclusion is that if it is true that there are few takers, it is not because of their fear of the side-effects but of the red tape.



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