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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

People's Voice

Subsidy debate

B4 govt cut subsidies 2 rkyt pls make sure no more tax money spent on white elephant projects n 500 bucks 4 a screw driver, most importantly ACCOUNTABILITY

If the govt doesnt go bankrupt, the people will. If the debt doesnt rise to meet the gdp, the gdp will go down to meet the debt. Rubbish!!

Whats the point of saving RM3bil if some gov agencies and local councils losing in millions by corruption and mismanagement? -venu

Subsidy cuts-agreed. MACC- catching big fishes will help further saving. No point v save by sacrifying our subsidy but corruption still rampant.

Belt tightening lest bankruptcy MPs/state rep should reduce their salaries by 2O% Petronas should fund more Federal/state should control their wastages/KW

Long wait

Why did it take 14 years for 26 Temuan orang asli families to see justice. What’s wrong and why sideline aborinals. Utter discrimination - Subra

What’s the reason that will lead to bankruptcy of Malay-sia? is it really because of the subsidies? Where did our tax money go???

PRs n non citizen should pay full rate in govt hospitals to reduce subsidy cost. Why we subsidise them? Ben

Cut d subsidies by all means; v don’t want 2b Greece! Go after corruption; it will save nation billions of $$$ ! Rakyat

By cutting subsidy goverment can save 103 billion then what? Buy another SUB that cannot work.

Subsidy Cut is ok IF ONLY our salary is also increase by governmt. We’ve seen 5 sen subsidy means 50sen increase even for cup of Milo! Jipon

Unsolved crime

Wrongful arrest led to govt sued of RM73k!!! but the real murderer still unfound.

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