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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Give top positions only to those who qualify

THERE is a tendency now to dish out plum cushy jobs to former politicians or favoured personalities who may not have the skills required for the job.

As ministerial positions are already given out to the tilt, other positions have now become fair game for past favours.

Some appointments of chairman and CEO have been perplexing and sometimes, those without experience are appointed. These people leave after a short period in office.

Recent appointments to newly created agencies leave us wondering what skills these people have to be heading crucial positions that need innovative and energetic persons who are able to think out of the box.

When the MCMC and Energy Commission were created, there was no reduction in the head count at ministerial level.

Other existing departments continue to exist, gobbling up taxpayer money in operational cost.

More agencies and companies are being created while the existing framework at federal and state levels are still maintained.

We should be reducing the number of ministries and agencies and departments for efficiency, not increasing them as this is a waste of money.


Kuala Lumpur

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