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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Talent Corp: Kenapa lebihkan mereka yg bekerja luar negara??? Yg kerja local tak bagus ke??

Stop ignoring our local talents

IN an effort to transform Malaysia into a high income economy on the road to Vision 2020, the prime minister announced the kickstart of Talent Corporation effective Jan 1.

According to him, Talent Corporation is an initiative “to create more exciting things to attract Malaysians and foreigners to come back and play a part in the next level of growth,” (The Star, Oct 4).

Among the incentives are creating global wages; allowing Public Service Department scholarship holders to serve their bonds in the private sector; granting Resident Pass to those who have let go of their Malaysian citizenship and a special home ownership scheme for the talents.

At this stage, however, it is still unclear as to how Talent Corporation will be implemented.

As a member of the Malaysian workforce, it is daunting to realise that the Government is not focusing on developing the talent pool that is already available.

The prime minister said, “Our policy is to be more open because a society that is open will thrive in the 21st century. A society that is closed will not attract the best brains. You will attract mediocre people and the good ones would have left the country and we would be a lot poorer as a result.”

I think by saying this, we fail to realise that not all Malaysians who are working abroad are good and not all Malaysians already serving in the country are mediocre.

Our workforce in both the public and private sectors are filled with young Malaysians who are just as qualified as those working abroad.

However, opportunities are not given to this talent pool to develop and flourish.

From my experience of studying in both a local and foreign universities, I must say that our readily available local talents are just as good, and will perform better if given proper and equal opportunity.

Perhaps the Government needs to be more transparent on the implementation of Talent Corporation.

What does it mean by “creating globally competitive wages” to attract Malaysians to come back? Does this mean that a civil engineer who comes back from overseas will earn double or triple the salary of one working locally?

While people blame the bad living and working conditions in Malaysia for driving talents out of the country, I feel that the Government should develop and strengthen home talents to make them world-class in order to check the brain drain.

Why not develop and prepare those who have been contributing to the country to be key players in the next level of growth?

Shah Alam.

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