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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lack of hygiene in govt hospitals..

I WAS in a government hospital ward and a cleaning woman entered my room. Here’s what she did:

1) She used her gloved hand to move litter from the rubbish bin into a big garbage bag in her other hand;

2) She shook the big garbage bag; and

3) She opened the bathroom door with the same gloved hand and repeated the same procedures with the contents of the bin there.

When I asked who trained her, she said, “My supervisor.”

To all supervisors of cleaners out there, please go for training yourselves before you pass on such unhygienic methods of cleaning.

I guess that when I first entered that room and bathroom, my clean hands would have been contaminated if the cleaning lady had just left.

And the nurse who came into my room (just after the cleaner had left) already contaminated her hands before she put on her sterile gloves to change my dressing.

Could this be the main cause of patients suffering infections after surgery?



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